We are the designers of metal. The main activity of our hungarian based engineering and project office is to design, manufacture and manage individual, custom designed and small series devices all over Europe.

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About us

Ironmen behind the scenes

Our engineering and project office was founded in 2009. MDO integrates the love of design with engineering precision. Due to the fact that we are frequently facing with individual customer requests, we are well trained in several phases of planning designing and manufacturing. We are open for doing designing, planning whole and part-project works for our customers.

We mainly deal with sheet-metal processing and designing of steel constructions, moreover we take part in manufacturing, based on our clients’ needs. One of our aim is to find the manufacturer which best suits the nature of the particular project, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Our success is due to our precise and problem solving attitude in addition to our advanced technical background and experience. This guarantees that we can carry out entire project management, planning and manufacturing of small series and custom designed devices also.

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Work preparation
& Planning

  1. 1 Sheet-metal processing
    • Drawings (DXF, PDF, STEP, IGES, etc.)
    • CNC programming
    • Entire preparation of manufacturing
  2. 2 Sheet-metal and milled fixtures
  3. 3 Steel structures
  4. 4 Customised tools
  5. 5 Customized devices
  6. 6 Manufacturing fixture


  1. 1 Project Management
  2. 2 Establishing status reports
  3. 3 Tracing the manufacturing, follow-up inspection


  1. 1 Finding and contacting manufacturers
  2. 2 Control of manufacturing procedures

With its fresh, creative, product orientated way of looking and great manufacturing partners MDO is a unique project office in the Hungarian engineering sector. We use 2D and 3D design softwares for modelling objects better and faster. Thanks to these substances Metal Design Office offers you its skills in designing and planning products for mass-production as well as non series devices – from preparation phase until manufacturing.

Transacting the complete project management services from design to commissioning, we contact the most suitable manufacturer considering the quality design and function. Furthermore MDO prepares and follows the manufacturing processes. Our project office deals with small series orders as well as individual custom designed devices.

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We are open to work for companies, engineering-offices, private clients, technological companies. If you need designing, planning manufacturing, please check our services.